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It doesn’t matter if your catered event is years, months or weeks in planning. At the end of the day you want your guests to say, “That was the best we’ve ever had.” Because it’s true… the way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs. While the details of your event may fade from memory, the overall feeling remains. That’s why The Trademark caters our menus and services to your “trademark” style.

Couples planning their wedding banquet. Professionals hosting corporate events. Families celebrating a special someone or something. Our catering team doesn’t approach any event in the same way. No checklists limiting your choices. Nothing ordinary here. Simply great food displayed in impeccable presentations that you’ll be proud to serve.

The Trademark is named so for a reason. Our catering team specializes in putting your “unique” couple, corporate or family trademark on your event. You and your guests’ preferences drive our catering menu. We’re the ones asking questions and tailoring the menu to fit.

Even better, we understand that even the best you’ve ever had doesn’t matter if the service isn’t of the same standards. Our catering team doesn’t take chances and believe that if you want something done right, then we do it ourselves.

The Trademark’s all-inclusive catering services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Location scouting
  • Private and group restaurant reservations
  • Full bar set up & staffing
  • Wedding coordination
  • Post-event services, including jazz brunches, eye-openers and departing mementos
  • Full-service floral design
  • Personal and event security
  • Private bell hops
  • Gift baskets
  • Cooking demonstrations & classes
  • In-room gifts, amenities & printed itineraries
  • Pre-registration & on-site conference/convention registration
  • Convention events & in-booth hospitality, event design, booth catering & staffing
  • Corporate meetings, including on-site meeting management
  • Equipment rental (anything from tables and linens to lounge furniture, tents and even portable bathrooms)
  • Trained accordion monkeys (kidding, but there’s not much we can’t offer)


Let us help unveil your “trademark” style as a couple.

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